New Major Release is making its way!

1 month ago in Spinub

There has been a lot of feedback from users about the difficulty of configuring table, fields and relationships. Based on this feedback, a new version has been brewed which is now being finalized. See the largest changes below.

New layout

An online CMS must be user-friendly. As a result, we have changed many parts for both the end user and the developer or manager. And of course not unimportant, the new Spinub version looks a lot better.

Demo database

When creating a new account, a demo database is also created immediately. This allows users to first test the SAAS content mangment section before linking their own database. This makes the use more accessible.


Many changes have been made to the code to improve speed. For example, reloading is no longer necessary when navigating between different pages.

New configurator

The old configurator was very difficult, it has been given a new look. A tour for new users has also been added.

Thank everyone for the good feedback. The update will be online soon!

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