New update access the test phase

8 months ago in Spinub CMS

Okay we're almost there, the new Spinub version! Our test team is currently going through all the features for bugs. The code is regefactored in such a way that the project 71578 contains fewer lines and 20% more functionalities!

From now on, the focus of the projects will be on Laravel applications. The main purpose of this is to focus on an emerging and more specific market. By narrowing our field, we can offer more targeted functions. Ultimately, Spinub will continue to support every MySql database, regardless of the application. So if you use something other than Laravel you can still use Spinub.

As of the new update, there will be no more free plan available. The minimum plan will be $ 8 a month. The free variant will remain available until the end of this year for anyone who already has an account.

The update is expected to roll out before the end of the month.

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