Video tutorial #1: The basics

2 years ago in Spinub CMS

A few of our users requested us if we could make a tutorial video to show the basics to set up a project in Spinub. This was a great idea and now we are happily to announce our first tutorial video! In this movie we get to the following subjects:

  • - Connect a datebase to Spinub
  • - Add tables to the menu
  • - Configure the list view with columns
  • - Configure the detail view with fields
  • - Configure a 'one to many' relation'
  • - Configure a 'many to many relation'
  • - Add CMS users

The video is on 'Vimeo' with the following link:

And also on Youtube:

If you like our movie, please leave a comment. Because we are planning to make some movies of different Spinub features!

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