Getting Started

Video tutorials

Video tutorial #1: The basics

This tutorial includes:

  • - Connect a datebase to Spinub CMS
  • - Add tables to the menu
  • - Configure the list view with columns
  • - Configure the detail view with fields
  • - Configure a 'one to many' realtion
  • - Configure a 'many to many relation'
  • - Add CMS users

Global information

create account

Create your account and team

First create your personal account, in the registration process you will be asked to give a team name. Every user account is part of at least one team. It is also possible to join an already existing team by asking them if they can send you an invitation link. Because Spinub CMS is a SaaS solution, you don't have to create multiple accounts if you like to use it for more websites.

create project

Create your project

In the admin dashboard you can create your first project. You have to give the database connection detail. If everyting is correct the status will show you a green check mark. You can use Spinub CMS for all your applications with a MySql database

configure menu

Configure menu items

What kind of menu items do you like to show in the main menu? In this step you can choice your menu items. Click on “Manage menu items” and choose the tables you like to add. Tables that you like to show as a relation, we are going to add in another step, you can skip these for now. In my example I add 'books', 'magazines' and 'shops'.

configure tables

Configure tables

Now you can give your tables some extra settings. Let's fill in the singular and plural name of the items in the table. For my book table I fill in 'books' and 'book'.

configure fields

Configure fields

Open your table and click on edit fields. Here we can add fields that the you, your team or the client can edit through the CMS. Select the fields you want to edit and select the layout for the fields. For fields with an foreign key you can user the 'linked-dropdown' type. In my example this will be used to fill in the author. Show in list option is to show this column in list view.

add one to many relations

Add one-to-many related tables with foreign key

By clicking on 'add relations' you can add related tables. For my 'books' example I will add 'pages' as realaiton.

add many to many relations

Add many-to-many through through a pivot table

Open 'add relations' again. Now we going to add a many-to-many relation. Make sure you select the 'pivot' option and fill in your pivot table. If you your team or your clients to edit the pivot option, you must add the table in the main menu as well.

create accounts

Add accounts for your clients

You can add clients by the user menu. If they loggin into Spinub CMS they will be redirected directly to the project. Clients cannot edit the configuration. If you want to add developers, you can do this by adding them to your team.