What is Spinub

Spinub is an SaaS CMS that you can map to your own database. You can configure all the tables, fields and add your clients in Spinub. Spinub saves you a lot of time building your custom content management system or control panel.

Because Spinub is a web-based cloud solution, you can easily switch between your projects where you are part of. With Spinub you can manage all your applications from one platform!

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Use Spinub to control all kinds of applications

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Spinub as Laravel CMS

Laravel doens't have any CMS shipped in. That means you have to build one by yourself. Are you really going to build a control panel for every product you launch? You should try Spinub.

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Database managment tool

You can use Spinub for every Mysql database. Even if you dont have an application!

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Spinub white label

For every one that likes to use Spinub for their clients without knowing them that you use thirth party software is there a 'White label' option. With this option you can use your own url and all the Spinub logo's are hidden. Spinub an online SaaS CMS without realizing it! Pretty awesome right?

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Spinub with uploading files

It is possible to connect Spinub to your FTP or SFTP. It saves the files here and write the location to the database. Now you can use Spinub also for editiing your pages where you like to upload a image so now or then.

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Work with teams

If you create a Spinub account you will be automatically part of a team. It is possible to use the same account in more then one team. Let's say you are using it for your work but also use it for private projects. You can easily switch between teams and project.

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Work with clients

If for every project you can add clients. If one of your clients login, they will be login straith to the right project. Don't worry, your clients cannot change any configuration.

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