MySQL Connection

Spinub makes a MySql connection to the Laravel database. Once this is completed you can immediately use your backend. Spinub stores the data directly in the database of the application. No data will be stored within Spinub.

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There are so many benefits, let me name a few.

  • No need to build a custom backend
  • Manage all your backend'es from one place
  • No installation is required
  • Never worry about update again
  • You can adjust the backend completely to your liking


Want to see more? Check the video!

Spinub backend example

Spinub is growing rapidly

Not only the active users are growing every day. Also the development of new features is making a huge step lately. Most of new stuff are comming from requests from our users. Thanks for that!

Do you have a feature request, let us know!

  • A new year full of goods

    Posted on 2 Jan 2021

    Another update that is coming is that the developer tools menu will be replaced. The current menu works poorly and is unclear. Our test team is reviewing the new functionalities at the time of writing and they are very enthusiastic! That promises a lot of good;)

  • New stuff comming up!

    Posted on 27 Dec 2020

    In the new year we have a number of major updates ready for you. In one of the updates, the layout for editing data has changed considerably. We gained new insights by doing different UX tests on different screen formats. The update will be launched in February. Anyone who does not like changes and already has an account at that time of the update can choose to continue to use the old layout.

    More major updates will follow soon!

  • Merry christmas!

    Posted on 24 Dec 2020

    For now: not a bugfix but just a happy note: Merry christmas for everyone! And of couse a happy 2021 ;)

  • Refactored the storage file driver

    Posted on 2 Dec 2020

    We refactored the storage driver. The storage driver was using the old Laravel Flysystem. This made it difficult to add more storage options. For example SFTP or S3. Because we like to add these two options in the near future we had to refactor a bit of code.

    If you like to use S3 or SFTP, please let us know. We will add this functionality higher on the priority list.

  • Update patch small improvements

    Posted on Nov 19, 2020

    An update with small improvements:
    - Changed behavior of new fields, they will not shown up automatically in the CMS anymore - Added missing cursor pointer to upload field

  • Fixed ordering issues

    Posted on Nov 17, 2020

    The drag and drop element for changing the record order did not work correctly when records had duplicate order IDs. This has now been resolved.

  • Changed name CMS to Backend

    Posted on Nov 3, 2020

    The name CMS is confusing for many users. For this reason we have replaced the name CMS for backend.