6 reasons to start using a SAAS CMS

2 years ago in Spinub CMS

There are a lot of benefits of using a SAAS solutions for your company. Check them out!


1 Maintaining

If you have build your custom CMS a few years ago, you probably know that maintaining it cost a lot of time. By switching to a SAAS solution you never have to do any updates anymore.


2 Storage

Because a SAAS CMS is webbased and hosted in the cloud, you never have to install a CMS on your own server again. Installing and configurating a webhost is a time consuming task.


3 Easily switch from projects

A SAAS application is a multi tenant cloud solution. This means that all your projects are inside this cloud-based solution, what means that you can switch easily between your applications without to re-login.


4 Costs

The initial costs of a SAAS application are low if you compare it with systems your install on your server. If you calculate the costs of setting up a on-premise solution dividing to the monthly costs of a SAAS solution, your will see a SAAS solution will be a cheaper solution for a long time.


5 No Hassle

Never have to worry about updates, server problems or performance issues etc. A SAAS solution is build to serve many users and got a big community that will make sure your application will be available at any time.


6 Focus on the stuff you are good in

Because a SAAS company will take over the part of your work. In this case the content management system, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. The Cloud solution focus on were they are good in, so you can focus on yours.

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