How does Spinup work?

4 months ago in Spinub CMS

Spinub connects to your local database on your own server. In Spinub you can configure what kind of tables and fields you like to show for your users. You can see Spinub as a translation layer between your client and the database. All the configuration and the user accounts are stored in Spinub, all the data is stored in your own database.


As you register as a user, you also have to choice a team name. This team can be useful if you work with colleges on the same projects. Your team member can edit all the projects inside your team. It is also possible to being part of multiple teams, and you can easily switch between teams without singing in again.


If you have clients that use your projects, you can create accounts directly in the project. Your client wont be able to edit the configuration and they wont see the other projects inside your team. If one of your client’s login, he will login instantly into the right project.


Do you like to know how you can edit the configuration of the CMS, please check the ‘getting started’ on the homepage of Spinub. If you have any question, please let me know ''.

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