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1 year ago in Spinub CMS

Laravel does not have a CMS or admin panel on board out of the box. This means that you always have to develop your own content management system with the application that you develop. This often takes a lot of time in which the customer does not want to invest.


The solution for this is Spinub. Spinub is an online CMS which can be linked to every database of every application. By means of an easy configurator, the database translates with the Laravel application. As developer you can use Spinub to set up a CMS really quick, let say in a few minutes! Your customer don’t have to invest in can spend the saved money on the application.


As Laravel developer I have many projects running which I manage with Spinub. The easy thing is that you can quickly switch between my projects without doing a re-login. The projects that I run in Spinub are both own projects and projects that I made for client. I have therefore added the clients to these projects so that they can change their content themselves.


If you do not want your customers to see Spinub being used as a CMS. Then it is possible to use the application as a white label. White label means that throughout the application no Spinub logo’s are visible and you can use your custom url to let your users login.


If you have questions about how to add different Laravel parts within Spinub, send me a message. I am happy to assist you.

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