Why using Spinub?

4 months ago in Spinub CMS

In a nutshell: Spinub saves you a lot of time managing your content management systems for your clients.

Okay that was pretty short, I will dig in a little more. Spinub is a SAAS CMS. SAAS means ‘Software as a Service’, what means that you don’t have to buy software but you lend it. Lets compare it with lending a car. You pay your monthly fee and you get a car with all services included. The same rule applies for Spinub. You take a subscription and you get a CMS for your application without building or maintaining it. SAAS application are webbased, what means that you use the service on the server of the SAAS application. You don’t need a server by your own. A lot of companies are switching to SAAS application so they can focus on the things there are good in.

Two years ago I worked for a company and my job was to maintain the content management systems for all the different companies. After every update of the CMS I had to update all the content management systems of all the clients. What took me a lot of time. With the SAAS application coming up, I though why is there nog a SAAS CMS which I can applies to all kind of applications. So I came up with Spinub.

Nowadays I use Spinub for a lot of my clients and it is growing by the day. But I didn’t do it alone, I have to thank all the early users as well for giving me grateful input. If you like Spinub please send me a message, and you will also part of the awesome Spinub community.

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